Politicians remain busy in own interests but never pay proper heed for so called the future of the country. Burning example of it is that country’s prestigious 13 technical education institutions out of 31 are running without regular directors. In our state only one NIT is running at Hamirpur. This institution is also among the aforesaid 13 institutions those are working under officiating director. In the establishment faculty have sanctioned 198 post but only 100 post are occupied at present. Due to lack of regular director the establishment is lacking 47 percent faculty staff which will result on the best education of students. Not only this other establishment functioning are also getting hindered but centre government is sleeping. As per sources the file is laying pending in the office of the concerned ministry and has not gained approval from the office of the president of India. A director has five year term of functioning and three months before the retirement the director deprived power to seek any policy decision. In said thirteen institutions simultaneously these directors were appointed. In these all NIT’s regular directors finished their term in November month of last year. This is a matter of carrier of students so government is getting delayed to seek action but if it had been of filling any political post than the matter might have settled before completion of five year. Dr. R. L. Sharma officiating director of NIT Hamirpur said that for ranking and quality some posts are filled up on contract but yet it is difficult to say that when the regular director will be given to the institution.

Ripu Daman Kapil