Government may claim and win awards for the better health services to the common people, but daily paper indicates poor health services. Wednesday evening Soni Begam (50) of Burnad village took her last breath in Regional Hospital Hamirpur. The villagers and family person kept the dead body in hospital for about one hour. They were blaming that no proper treatment is provided to the patient. About fifty villagers gathered and demanded for inquiry in the issue, whereas no hospital official was present at the spot. The lady was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday evening with a complaint of hard breathing. On Wednesday noon she was in more trouble. The matter was given in the consideration of duty staff with a request to call any doctor to look into the case. Public was annoyed that no doctor was called and no proper treatment was given at that time while she have fighting for her life. SMO Dr. C. R. Verma said that he has got the complaint and inquiry will be done. He also added that the doctor have given proper treatment as per his information. On the other hand Up-Pradhan GP Rangas Fandi Khan and other respectable citizen of the area have made mind to make the complaint to chief minister. Its right that death and life are in the hands of god and doctors can make their efforts only. But if a doctor make negligence and his negligence become the cause of any death than how it can worked out? It is seen that in every department one tends to save other and put shelter on the fault of other.

Ripu Daman Kapil