Hamirpur – NIT Hamirpur, a premier technical institute, is once again in the news for the wrong reasons as two of its girl students were found heavily drunk. The disciplinary committee at NIT Hamirpur expelled the two female B.Tech students from their hostel on Monday. These students have been barred from residing in the institute’s hostels for a period of one year.

The unfortunate incident unfolded when these female students were found intoxicated after a night of alcohol consumption on the institute’s premises. One of the students, hailing from the Kullu district, had become unconscious at the entrance gate of NIT.

Both parents of the students were summoned to NIT Hamirpur, and during the late-night meeting, the students confessed to their alcohol consumption at a local hotel in Hamirpur.

It was also revealed that a competition over alcohol consumption had taken place between the two female students. The disciplinary committee is also reviewing a viral video on social media, which purportedly features three students in a drunken state at Hamirpur Gandhi Chowk. Actions are expected to be taken against these three students shortly.

In a separate incident, another NIT student, identified as Omar Zaman from Kerala, was apprehended by the police in possession of hashish. Omar is a fifth-semester B.Tech student at NIT. This marks the fourth case of substance-related charges against NIT students in recent weeks.

The police discovered the contraband during a routine bus check conducted by the Hamirpur police. A total of 18.79 grams of hashish was seized from Omar’s possession. Simultaneously, another individual, Sachin Sharma, a student at an institute in Kangra, was found to be in possession of 15.05 grams of hashish. Both students are now facing legal action under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act.