Government Officials and Elected Representatives to Mentor and Support Government Schools for Improved Infrastructure and Learning Outcomes

In a move to elevate the quality of education in government schools, Himachal Pradesh has unveiled the Apna Vidyalaya Program Scheme. This innovative initiative mandates that Members of Parliament (MPs), Ministers, Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs), and senior officers adopt government schools across the state. The scheme is set to be rolled out following the completion of three assembly by-elections, aiming to significantly enhance educational infrastructure and learning outcomes.

The Apna Vidyalaya Program Scheme is designed to create a collaborative environment where elected representatives and high-ranking officials play a crucial role in supporting government schools. According to the notification issued by the Education Department, all Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs elected from Himachal Pradesh, state ministers, MLAs, and category-1 and 2 gazetted officers—including Deputy Commissioners, Superintendents of Police, Forest Divisional Officers, Chief Medical Officers, Sub-Divisional Magistrates, Block Development Officers, Block Medical Officers, and Deputy Superintendents of Police—will each adopt at least one school and act as its mentor. These mentors will be instrumental in providing basic facilities and quality education to students.

As mentors, these officials will closely coordinate with teachers and school management committees, offering suggestions and strategies for improvements. They will be responsible for ensuring that the schools under their care have access to essential resources and a conducive learning environment. This mentorship program extends to education department officials, including those in the secretariat and directorate, deputy directors, district program officers, coordinators of district education and training institutes, principals, and officials from the State Education Council research and training, and the Himachal Pradesh school education board.

To bolster this initiative, the scheme will establish educational and non-educational support teams for government schools. These teams will operate voluntarily, without any financial or other benefits, focusing solely on the enhancement of the schools. An online portal developed by the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan will support the Apna Vidyalaya program, ensuring transparency and accountability. This portal will be accessible to the public, allowing community members to track the progress and contributions of the mentors.

An essential aspect of the Apna Vidyalaya Program is the systematic adolescent management and value addition dialogue. This component will see various departments collaborating to support school students’ personal development and empowerment, equipping them with the skills and values necessary for holistic growth.

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu will officially launch the Apna Vidyalaya Program Scheme once the by-elections are concluded. Following the launch, the process of adopting schools will begin, marking the start of a transformative journey for government schools in Himachal Pradesh.

This initiative represents a significant step towards improving the educational standard in Himachal Pradesh. By involving MPs, ministers, MLAs, and senior officers as mentors, the Apna Vidyalaya Program Scheme aims to ensure that government schools receive the support and resources necessary to provide quality education to all students, fostering a brighter future for the state.