Nalagarh – Former Union Minister and Member of Parliament from Hamirpur Lok Sabha constituency, Shri Anurag Singh Thakur, has accused the Congress government of bringing development to a standstill in Himachal Pradesh. During a series of public meetings in Nalagarh, Thakur urged voters to support BJP candidate KL Thakur in the Nalagarh Assembly by-election, emphasizing the need for continuous progress in the region.

“Whenever Congress comes to power in Himachal Pradesh, development work comes to a halt, and encroachment starts increasing,” said Thakur. He highlighted that KL Thakur, during the BJP’s tenure, had initiated development projects worth approximately Rs 550 crore in Nalagarh. However, these projects have been stalled by the Congress government due to political vendetta.

Thakur accused the Congress-led state government of financial mismanagement, claiming that they have taken a loan of Rs 25000 crore in just 1.5 years, increasing the state’s debt burden to Rs 95000 crore. He pointed out that essential services such as health institutions, education centers, and facilities for laborers have suffered under Congress rule. “Congress has given nothing to the state but has shut down all the health institutions, education centres, uniforms given to children in government schools or facilities given to labourers,” he stated.

In his critique, Thakur also accused the Congress government of failing to provide basic amenities like electricity, water, and roads, which has left the people of Himachal Pradesh struggling. He highlighted that despite Congress’s claims of forming a government for the people, they have made the citizens yearn for basic facilities. He challenged Congress to highlight any positive contributions they have made in the past 18 months.

Reflecting on historical achievements, Thakur reminded the public of the industrial package received in 2002 during the tenure of respected Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Prem Kumar Dhumal, which he credited for the employment of 7 lakh people in Nalagarh and its surrounding areas. He accused the subsequent Congress government of obstructing these development efforts.

Thakur appealed to the voters to make KL Thakur victorious once again, emphasizing his dedication and the unprecedented development he brought to Nalagarh under the BJP government. He pointed out that despite Congress’s campaigning in the last Lok Sabha elections, the people of Nalagarh supported BJP with a lead of over 15000 votes.