A horrifying incident at Batahad in Banjar, Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, a fire claimed the life of a resident late on Friday night. Jeevan Lal, a 42-year-old local, tragically lost his life when flames engulfed his home around 1:30 am, leaving behind a devastated family and a shocked community.

The exact cause of the fire remains shrouded in mystery as investigations by local authorities are underway. Lal, who was sleeping on the ground floor of his residence, bore the brunt of the inferno that erupted unexpectedly. His sister, Naina Devi, recounted the harrowing moment when she woke to find smoke billowing from Lal’s room.

Upon reaching the lower floor, Naina Devi was met with a scene of horror – the bed where Lal had been resting was consumed by flames, and Lal himself lay lifeless amidst the charred remains. The shockwave reverberated through the close-knit community as news of the tragic incident spread.

Local authorities, including the Banjar police and Gram Panchayat Mashiyar, responded to the distress call, with the police promptly securing the area and initiating investigations. The body of Jeevan Lal has been transferred to Ner Chowk Medical College for a thorough post-mortem examination to ascertain the exact cause of death.