Order on WhatsApp, Drug Supplied Through Courier; Delhi Engineer Alleged Kingpin in Case

In a significant breakthrough in the fight against drug trafficking, the police have exposed a complex global drug smuggling network with roots stretching from Punjab to Himachal Pradesh. The investigation, triggered by the arrest of individuals involved in a drug smuggling operation, has peeled back the layers of a sophisticated criminal enterprise.

The trail of “Chitta,” a potent narcotic, led investigators from the Punjab to the Shimla. What began as routine police work in the capital city of Shimla quickly escalated into a transnational investigation, revealing the alarming extent of drug trafficking operations penetrating the region.

At the heart of this nefarious network lies a modern twist – communication and coordination through WhatsApp. The accused individuals, leveraging the anonymity and encryption offered by the messaging platform, orchestrated their illicit activities with impunity. Orders for the Chitta were placed discreetly, leaving behind digital footprints that ultimately unravelled the entire operation.

However, it was the method of delivery that raised eyebrows. Contraband, meticulously packaged and concealed within innocuous parcels, was dispatched through courier services to addresses in Shimla. The seemingly innocuous nature of these deliveries belied the dangerous cargo they contained, highlighting the cunning tactics employed by drug traffickers to evade detection.

As authorities delved deeper into the investigation, the scope of the operation became increasingly apparent. Foreign connections emerged, with overseas operatives playing a pivotal role in facilitating the cross-border movement of narcotics. The discovery of a WhatsApp number and scanner linked to international calling codes underscored the global reach of the syndicate.

At the center of the web sits Sandeep Shah, a Delhi-based interstate drug smuggler and software engineer. Shah’s alleged involvement as the mastermind behind the operation underscores the convergence of technology and criminality in modern-day drug trafficking.

Recent arrests of individuals implicated in the smuggling operation have shed light on the inner workings of the syndicate. Veer Singh and Santosh Kumar, alias Gappa, were apprehended with quantities of Chitta in their possession, providing crucial insights into the modus operandi of the network.