Indora/Kangra – In a harrowing incident within the confines of the Indora sub-division, a woman lost her life after attempting to swallow a suspicious substance while evading a police patrol. The deceased, identified as Sunita, hailing from Sujanpur in Pathankot, Punjab, was already entangled in a web of legal troubles, with more than six drug smuggling cases against her.

The chilling episode unfolded during the late hours in Chhanni, where Sunita had purportedly ventured for a clandestine drug operation. Her plans took a tragic turn when a police team on routine patrol approached her. In a desperate bid to conceal the alleged contraband, she tried to ingest it, leading to a critical situation as the substance lodged in her throat.

Rushed to Civil Hospital Indora for emergency medical intervention, Sunita’s condition rapidly deteriorated, ultimately resulting in her demise. A doctor declared her dead, and a subsequent examination revealed a suspicious object, wrapped in polythene, stuck in her throat. The substance, suspected to be heroin (Chitta), has been sent for forensic analysis.

Confirming the incident, S.P. Nurpur Ashok Ratna disclosed that the police team encountered Sunita around 12:30 am during their routine patrolling. The woman’s panicked reaction upon seeing law enforcement prompted the ill-fated attempt to swallow the concealed substance.

S.P Ratna further disclosed that Sunita had a history of nine previous cases related to drug trafficking in Punjab. The ongoing investigation is scrutinizing the circumstances surrounding her nocturnal activities in Chhanni, taking into account various aspects of the case. Preliminary evidence has led the police to file an NDPS case against the deceased.

The authorities have taken custody of Sunita’s body, and a post-mortem examination is underway at Civil Hospital Noorpur. Concurrently, statements from one of her family members have been recorded to provide additional insights into the tragic incident.

This sobering episode highlights the intricate challenges law enforcement faces in tackling the illicit drug trade and underscores the extreme measures some individuals are willing to take to avoid apprehension, resulting in devastating consequences.