In a celebration marking the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti, Smart City Dharamshala witnessed the grand unveiling of a towering 150-meter tricolour flag. The man behind this visionary initiative, Sudhir Sharma, National Secretary of Congress and MLA from Dharamshala, inaugurated the monumental flag at Kachari Chowk, symbolizing a significant milestone for the city.

The colossal tricolour stands tall against the backdrop of Dharamshala’s scenic landscape, adding a new dimension to the city’s visual allure. Installed as part of the Smart Road Project, the flag is poised to become a prominent landmark, visible from afar, and is expected to be a major draw for tourists.

Sudhir Sharma said that the tricolour was not just a symbol but a testament to the city’s commitment to progress and unity. As part of his vision for the Smart City, Sharma emphasized that the illuminated tricolour would stand proudly day and night, becoming a beacon for locals and tourists alike.

Highlighting the role of the Smart Road Project, Sharma shared insights into its rapid development, describing it as a crucial initiative among the 75 projects designated for the Smart City. He revealed that the project had been conceived with a dream – a dream of a high tricolour flag gracing Dharamshala, delivering a positive message to visitors from across the globe.