Dharamshala – Standing as a testament to Dharamshala’s commitment to artistic brilliance and cultural richness, the city is on the cusp of securing a Guinness World Record with the unveiling of the world’s tallest Fiddlehead Lungdu Sculpture.

The Fiddlehead Lungdu Sculpture, soaring into the skies, has become a beacon of artistic and engineering excellence, symbolizing the city’s commitment to fostering creativity and cultural richness. MLA Sudhir Sharma, during the unveiling ceremony, expressed his pride in Dharamshala’s contribution to the global arts scene and its endeavour to etch its name in the prestigious Guinness World Records.

MLA Sudhir Sharma, expressing his pride in Dharamshala’s cultural identity, envisioned the Fiddlehead Lungdu Sculpture as a symbol of the city’s artistic prowess reaching new heights. Confident that this iconic structure would elevate Dharamshala’s global stature, he foresaw it becoming a magnet for art connoisseurs and tourists seeking a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

This ambitious project not only showcases Dharamshala’s creative spirit but also underscores its commitment to promoting art and culture. As the Guinness World Records team scrutinizes the details and measurements of the Fiddlehead Lungdu Sculpture, the anticipation in Dharamshala is palpable. Residents and officials alike are hopeful that this achievement will not only make them proud but also spotlight the city’s dedication to pushing boundaries and creating landmarks that resonate globally.