Shimla – In a significant development that unfolded during the Himachal Pradesh assembly session, Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu unveiled an ambitious plan to recruit 10,000 new employees within the state by the end of this year. This announcement has ignited hope among the state’s youth, eager for employment opportunities, and is seen as a pivotal step in addressing the pressing issue of unemployment.

During the assembly session, Chief Minister Sukhu detailed the comprehensive plan designed to streamline and modernize the recruitment system in Himachal Pradesh. The primary objective is to expedite recruitment, ensuring timely employment for the state’s residents.

A cornerstone of this initiative is the introduction of computer-based testing for recruitment examinations. By harnessing technology, the government aims to reduce human intervention in the selection process, minimizing the potential for irregularities and ensuring a transparent process. Rigorous measures will be in place to safeguard against question paper leaks or cheating.

Furthermore, the government is committed to releasing recruitment results promptly, within a week of the examination. This rapid turnaround time aims to provide candidates with timely feedback and alleviate the anxiety often associated with the selection process.

To bolster the credibility and efficiency of the recruitment system, a Senior IAS officer will assume the role of Chief Administrator for the newly established Recruitment Commission, with a HAS officer appointed as the Administrative Officer. These appointments underscore the government’s dedication to maintaining the integrity of the selection process, free from bias or corruption.

Chief Minister Sukhu emphasized, “It is the government’s responsibility to provide employment to the people of Himachal Pradesh. We are committed to establishing a fair and efficient recruitment system that benefits our youth.”

While this ambitious recruitment plan holds significant promise for the state’s job seekers, it is also accompanied by a renewed commitment to eradicating corruption within the system. During the assembly session, Chief Minister Sukhu openly addressed the issue of corruption within the Staff Selection Commission. He alleged that under the previous BJP government’s tenure, the commission had descended into a hotbed of crime, with allegations of irregularities in police recruitment.

Sukhu declared, “When thousands of youths in the state were preparing with hope, the Recruitment Commission had become a den of corruption, with papers being sold.” He explained that upon taking office, the Congress government initiated a thorough investigation into these allegations, leading to the dissolution of the Staff Selection Commission due to the extent of corruption uncovered.

In response to these accusations, Leader of the Opposition Jairam Thakur defended the BJP’s stance. He asserted that his party would have taken even stricter measures had they received complaints of paper leaks during their time in power. Thakur expressed concern over the nine-month delay in releasing recruitment examination results under the current Congress government.

He remarked, “The youth who appeared for the exam honestly are running from pillar to post for the result.” Thakur also criticized the Congress government’s alleged failure to fulfill their promise of providing five lakh jobs, stating that not a single recruitment occurred during their nine months in office.