Chopal – Responding to the recent devastation caused by heavy rains in the region, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu has directed the shifting of Kudi village in the Chopal Assembly segment. The village has been grappling with sinking land due to the relentless rainfall, prompting the government to take swift action. The Chief Minister, during his two-day visit to Shimla district to assess the aftermath of the torrential rains, emphasized the government’s commitment to provide adequate compensation and assistance to affected families.

Chief Minister Sukhu announced that the State Government will identify suitable land for the rehabilitation of the villagers from Kudi and will offer financial aid to rebuild their houses. The announcement comes as a relief for the villagers who have been grappling with the sinking village and its accompanying challenges. The move underscores the government’s determination to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens.

During his visit to the Chopal assembly constituency, Chief Minister Sukhu reiterated the government’s commitment to support the affected families. He directed district administrators and local officials to provide immediate assistance to families affected by the calamity. Moreover, he emphasized the need for rapid restoration of roads to enable smooth transportation of agricultural produce to markets. The Chief Minister also hinted at a potential increase in the rates of scald apples to further support apple growers.

Highlighting the infrastructure development, Sukhu revealed a plan to allocate Rs. 70 crore for enhancing the Chhaila-Yashwant Nagar road, a crucial route for the region. This investment aims to bolster road connectivity and facilitate travel to Solan and Chandigarh. Additionally, he stressed the allocation of financial resources – Rs. 2 Crore for restoring road connectivity for Chopal Division, Rs. 50 lakh for the Sainj Sub Division of Theog, and a pre-allocated Rs. 1.50 crore.

The Chief Minister acknowledged the substantial damage caused by torrential rains, amounting to an estimated loss of Rs. 8000 crore for the state. Despite the challenges posed by the inherited debt, the government is resolute in providing aid to families affected by the natural calamity. The Chief Minister assured the availability of funds to construct retaining walls to permanently stabilize roads.

In the wake of the devastation, approximately 300 houses in the Chopal area were partially or completely damaged. The government has promptly responded by providing immediate relief of Rs. 1 lakh each for partially damaged houses. Moreover, the Deputy Commissioner has been instructed to allocate Rs. 3 lakh each for the restoration of connectivity in link roads of 15 panchayats in the Balsan area.

Sukhu highlighted ongoing interactions with the central government, anticipating the release of the first installment of interim relief. Efforts to secure pending funds under the National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF) are yielding results, with Rs. 189 crore out of Rs. 315 crore already released by the Union Government. The State Government continues to work toward securing the remaining amount.