In a remarkable stride towards progress, the Chief Minister of the state, Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, announced a series of transformative measures to revolutionize the transport infrastructure and prioritize safety for all commuters. With a clear vision to drive economic growth and enhance accessibility, these initiatives are set to create new opportunities and promote balanced development across the state.

Recognizing the pivotal role of national highways and four-lane roads, the state government has consistently advocated for their improvement to the Union Government. Chief Minister Sukhu’s visionary proposal for ‘Green Corridors’ within the state will not only improve connectivity but also ensure sustainable development. Moreover, directives have been issued to upgrade and maintain crucial link roads, guaranteeing seamless journeys for travellers.

In a bid to enhance traffic management and bolster safety measures, the Chief Minister has directed the establishment of Traffic cum Tourists Police Stations along major four-lane projects, with a special focus on the Kiratpur-Manali four-lane road. Collaborating with the National Highway Authority of India and the State Police, the integration of cutting-edge technology will optimize traffic operations, reduce the likelihood of accidents, and augment overall efficiency.

A noteworthy stride in this direction is the implementation of an Advanced Traffic Management System. This comprehensive system includes emergency call boxes, state-of-the-art CCTV cameras, automatic traffic counter-cum-classifiers, Vehicle Actuated Speed Displays, Overhead Driver Feedback Systems, variable message signs, video incident detection systems, and Met devices. Complementing this infrastructure is a command-and-control center at the toll plaza, ensuring seamless monitoring and coordination along the national highways through robust optic fiber connectivity. Additionally, the Chief Minister has emphasized the installation of more display boards to communicate vital information such as speed limits. The National Highways Authority of India has been requested to extend financial assistance for the establishment of an Integrated Command Center.

Promoting road safety has been accorded top priority, with the establishment of a dedicated Road Safety Cell within the Transport Department. This proactive measure has proven instrumental in ensuring secure and reliable journeys for all. Rigorous efforts have been made to address black spots, resulting in significant improvements in 117 out of the 147 identified locations. The remaining 30 spots are being targeted for swift rectification, emphasizing the commitment to eradicate potential hazards.

To ensure the safety and reliability of vehicles plying on state roads, a substantial sum of Rs 16 crore has been allocated for the construction of an advanced Inspection and Certification Centre in Baddi. This state-of-the-art facility will diligently scrutinize vehicles, permitting only those in optimal mechanical condition to operate within the state’s boundaries.

As a popular tourist destination attracting a multitude of vehicles and buses daily, the state has faced challenges posed by unauthorized operations and tax evasion. The state government has responded proactively, implementing a legal mechanism to issue challans to such vehicles. Empowering Motor Vehicle Inspectors to enforce traffic rules effectively will act as a deterrent, preserving the integrity of the state’s transport sector and safeguarding the interests of legitimate bus transporters.