In a remarkable medical feat, Tanda Medical College has expanded its healthcare capabilities by successfully administering a plasma apheresis procedure to a patient suffering from an autoimmune disease. This ground-breaking treatment marks a first in Himachal Pradesh, offering hope to patients battling similar conditions. The patient, who had experienced a loss of limb movement, has already begun to regain mobility, and doctors anticipate a swift and complete recovery.

According to Dr. Bhanu Awasthi, the Principal of Tanda Medical College, a 19-year-old patient was admitted to the neurology department on May 23. The patient had suddenly developed back pain and experienced a two-day inability to move their lower limbs, along with weakness in the upper limbs. The individual also faced challenges with urinary and bowel control, leading to a diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder.

The patient’s condition initially showed some improvement with the treatment provided by Dr. Amit Bhardwaj, Head of the Department of Neurology, and his team. However, due to the urgent nature of the situation, a consultation between Dr. Abhinav Rana and the nephrologist was conducted to discuss the patient’s illness in depth. The medical professionals collectively decided to initiate plasma exchange as the most suitable course of action.

The plasma exchange procedure began promptly, even on a day off, and the patient has already demonstrated positive progress by regaining movement in their legs. The medical team, led by Dr. Amit Bhardwaj, a Neurologist, and Dr. Abhinav Rana, a Nephrologist, remains optimistic about the patient’s complete recovery.