Himachal Pradesh PWD Minister Meets Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, Advocates for Road Development Funding and Approval of Key Projects

In a concerted effort to boost the road infrastructure in Himachal Pradesh, Vikramaditya Singh, the Public Works Development (PWD) Minister of the state, recently held a significant meeting with Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, in New Delhi. During the meeting, Minister Singh highlighted the pressing need for speedy approvals and funding of crucial road development projects.

One of the primary requests put forth by Minister Vikramaditya Singh was the allocation of Rs 500 crore from the Central Roads Fund to accelerate the development and improvement of roads throughout Himachal Pradesh. The minister emphasized the importance of this funding to address the existing infrastructure gaps and enhance connectivity across the state.

In addition to funding, Minister Singh urged Minister Gadkari to declare nine in-principle approved roads as National Highways, recognizing their significance in facilitating smoother transportation and boosting economic growth. Furthermore, he advocated for the inclusion of nine road proposals under the prestigious ‘Bharatmala Pariyojna’ scheme, spanning a total distance of 1,254 kilometers within Himachal Pradesh. These projects, once approved, would contribute significantly to the overall road network development in the state.

During the meeting, Minister Vikramaditya Singh also requested expedited approval for the up-gradation of the Tikkar-Jarol-Gahan-Nankhadi-Khamadi road and the construction of a 560-meter-long bridge over the Swan River in the Una district. These projects, eligible for funding under the Central Road Infrastructure Fund (CRIF), would improve connectivity and enhance transportation efficiency in the region.

Highlighting specific pending projects, Minister Singh stressed the importance of obtaining the sanction for the 153-kilometer missing link between Bihru and Lathiani on NH 503A. Additionally, he urged Minister Gadkari to expedite the approval for the revised estimates of the Theog By-pass, a project crucial for improving traffic flow and reducing congestion.

The minister further presented a list of road projects for inclusion in the Annual Plan 2023-2024. This list encompassed significant proposals such as the 31.275-kilometer Nalagarh to Swarghat, the 50-kilometer Kala Amb-Paonta Sahib-Dehradun, the 85-kilometer Amb to Una, and the Punjab Border to Nadaun, along with the 4-kilometer Una by-pass, which should be considered for sanction as part of the NH four-lane projects. Additionally, Minister Singh advocated for the approval of two-lane projects, including the 73-kilometer Nahan to Kumarhatti, the 52-kilometer Chakki-Banikhet-Chamba-Bharmour, and the construction of a 4.20-kilometre-long two-lane tunnel at Jalori Pass. He also urged the inclusion of the construction of a 2.80-kilometer-long tunnel at Khadapathar under Project Management Consultancy (PMC) in the annual plan.

Assuring his support, Union Minister Gadkari expressed his commitment to providing all necessary assistance to expedite the completion of the pending road projects in Himachal Pradesh. This collaborative effort between the state and central governments aims to enhance connectivity, improve transportation efficiency, and foster overall socio-economic development in the region.