Nurpur: In a major crackdown on illegal liquor operations, the Excise team has made a significant seizure of 43,000 liters of illicit liquor in various raids in the Nurpur region of Kangra district. Acting on specific information, the team conducted operations at Ulehriya-Khanpur, Gangwal, Bhogra, and Milwan, resulting in the confiscation of 13,000 liters of Lahan (illicit liquor).

In a separate action, an additional 30,000 liters of Lahan were seized and subsequently destroyed by the Nurpur Excise team. Commissioner Yunus confirmed the success of these operations in a recent statement.

To ensure accountability, an FIR has been registered against the accused at the local police station. These decisive actions reflect the authorities’ commitment to curbing the illegal liquor trade and protecting public safety.

In another incident in Kullu, suspicious premises located at Banogi-Kullu-Beasar Road was inspected based on specific information. During the inspection, authorities discovered and confiscated 588 bottles of English liquor and 369 bottles of beer.

Commissioner Yunus emphasized that similar drives are being carried out in other districts as well. Excise teams from Bilaspur, Baddi-Barotiwala-Nalagarh (BBN), Nurpur, Sirmaur, and Mandi conducted raids over the past few days, resulting in the seizure of 17 bottles of English and country liquor. Raids have also been conducted at various suspected locations across the state.

Recent incidents, such as the seizure of several boxes of country liquor VRV Santra in district Una, have highlighted the ongoing challenges posed by the illegal liquor trade. Investigation revealed that the holograms affixed to the bottles were not genuine, further underscoring the need for strict action against those involved in such illicit activities.

To bolster the effectiveness of this campaign, the authorities have formed approximately 30 teams in all districts, with clear instructions to act promptly and take stringent action against offenders. Commissioner Yunus highlighted the implementation of a track and trace system, enabling the department to prevent liquor smuggling. This system facilitates online issuance of permits and passes, while liquor transportation is monitored through GPS-equipped vehicles.

Commissioner Yunus assured the public that joint operations by the Excise and Police Departments will continue in the future, with a steadfast focus on curbing illegal liquor activities. The authorities remain committed to maintaining a strong vigilance against such illicit practices and will not hesitate to take stringent action against those involved.