In a move to combat the escalating issue of illegal goods transportation, the Excise Department has conducted a rigorous operation that resulted in imposing substantial penalties amounting to Rs. 6.40 lakh. This crackdown comes in response to a surge in complaints about unscrupulous individuals and businesses clandestinely transporting goods, evading taxes, and inflicting significant revenue losses on the state.

The illegal transportation of goods, often executed without proper invoices or e-way bills, has posed a persistent challenge. Such unrecorded transactions not only undermine the tax system but also create an unjust environment for law-abiding businesses. In a proactive approach to tackle this issue, the Excise Department launched an intensive campaign targeting those responsible.

Volvo buses emerged as a primary focus of the Excise Department’s recent crackdown, as they have frequently been reported as the vehicles of choice for surreptitious goods transportation. Over the course of the past ten days, the department conducted thorough inspections of 229 Volvo buses, leaving no room for evasion.

The outcome of these inspections was a series of penalties totaling Rs. 6.40 lakh imposed on those found guilty of violating the GST law. The Excise Department has issued a warning to anyone considering engaging in the illegal transportation of goods.

To fortify their efforts in combating GST evasion, the department actively seeks the cooperation of the public. Individuals are encouraged to come forward with information related to these illegal activities. Complaints and tips can be submitted through the Toll-Free Number 18001808060 or via WhatsApp at 94183-31426.