In a significant move against the illicit liquor trade, the State Taxes and Excise Department has launched a sweeping campaign across the state. Commissioner Dr. Yunus revealed today that the department’s vigorous efforts led to the seizure of 32,000 liters of illegal liquor.

During a targeted operation, the department conducted raids on 10 illicit liquor manufacturing units (locally known as Bhatties) in the Dabat and Majri areas of Bilaspur district. These raids resulted in the confiscation of substantial quantities of illegal liquor. In a collaborative effort with the Excise Department of Punjab, approximately 18,000 bulk liters of Lahan, a precursor to illicit liquor, were intercepted and subsequently destroyed. The estimated value of the seized contraband stands at a notable Rs. 18 lakh.

Furthermore, the Excise team in District Una successfully intercepted 13,730 bulk liters of illicit liquor across two separate cases, further intensifying the crackdown on illegal liquor operations.

Commissioner Dr. Yunus reiterated the department’s unwavering commitment to combating the illegal liquor trade. Recently, a joint operation with Punjab’s Excise team and local law enforcement resulted in the discovery and disposal of around 54,200 liters of raw liquor in Chhani and Bailey Indora areas. The estimated value of this seizure is a substantial Rs. 54.20 lakh. Additionally, the department intercepted and seized 500 boxes of English liquor and 50 boxes of beer being transported illegally from Ner Chowk of Mandi district to Joginder Nagar.

Operations to curb illegal liquor activities have also been conducted in various other districts including Shimla, Baddi, Mandi, and Kullu. Notably, since the enforcement of the Model Code of Conduct, the Excise Department has confiscated a remarkable 2.20 lakh bulk liters of illegal liquor.

In a bid to bolster their efforts, Commissioner Dr. Yunus urged citizens to actively report any instances of illegal liquor trading or distribution. Individuals can provide information anonymously through the toll-free number 18001808062, telephone number 0177-2620426, Whatsapp number 94183-31426, or via email at [email protected].