Kullu: The Kullu Police has taken swift action against those involved in the illegal liquor business, recovering a significant quantity of illicit liquor in a series of raids conducted in the past two days. Under the leadership of Inspector Kulwant Singh, in charge of Police Station Kullu, a total of seven cases have been registered under the Excise Act, leading to the seizure of large volumes of illegal liquor from various locations in the district.

In the first raid, 500 ML of orange liquor, locally made, was confiscated from a shop owned by accused Khem Singh at Purna Tea Stall near Naru Clinic in Dhalpur. In another raid, 2000 ML of Lahan, a traditional fermented alcoholic beverage, was seized from a dhaba owned by accused Kamla Rana in village Kais Bazar. The police also recovered 31,200 ML of Beer, 34,500 ML of Marka Orange Country Liquor, and 6,750 ML of English Liquor from a shop owned by accused Guddu in village Raugi.

Further raids led to the seizure of 750 ML of illegal country liquor from a tea/chicken shop owned by accused Bir Singh in village Raugi, and 5000 ML of illegal country liquor from accused Hem Raj in village Bandrol. In a major operation, a total of 60,000 ML of illegal country liquor was recovered from accused Om Prakash’s vehicle with registration number HP34C-9948 during a blockade in Raison. Another 55,000 ML of illegal country liquor was confiscated from accused Roshan Lal’s vehicle with registration number HP 66-8433 during a blockade in Bhekhli Road.

The Police has booked the accused under relevant sections of the Excise Act and further investigation is underway.

The Kullu Police has urged the public to report any illegal liquor trade or other illicit activities to the authorities and assured to take strict action against the perpetrators. They have also appealed to the local communities to refrain from engaging in or supporting illegal liquor business and to promote responsible consumption of alcohol in compliance with the law.