Kaza: A tourist from Bengaluru, succumbed to high altitude sickness on Thursday at Kaza in Lahaul-Spiti district.

According to Lahaul-Spiti police, the tourist from Bengaluru who was experiencing high altitude sickness at Nako did not consult a doctor and also visited Kaza, instead of returning or resting at a lower altitude.

Photo: Lahaul-Spiti Police

He was later found dead in his hotel room without any attendant.

Preliminary enquiry suggesting that the death was caused due to altitude sickness which is most unfortunate, as this was preventable, added the police.

The police has appealed to tourists, Hoteliers and homestay to take preventive measures and maintain vigil.

The hoteliers and homestay owners have been advised to enquire about the health condition of any tourist visiting the area and check for any symptoms of high-altitude sickness along with breathing problems if any.

The symptoms of high-altitude sickness include the inability to exercise, fatigue, loss of appetite, or low oxygen in the body, sleepiness or sleeping difficulty, nausea or vomiting.

Besides, respiratory problems like rapid breathing or shortness of breath and other common symptoms including fast heart rate, headache, insufficient urine production or respiratory distress syndrome.

“If any tourist is experiencing anyone of these symptoms ask him to consult the doctor and to return back lower areas immediately. It is also important that the patient is not left unattended,” advised the police.

The police has cautioned that as hosts, hotelier and homestay owners are equally responsible for the well-being of their guests and they may hold liable for any carelessness on their part.

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