Shimla: To check the spread of Covid-19, which is spreading at an alarming rate in the state, Congress leader has suggested imposing lockdown.

Shimla Rural MLA Vikramaditya Singh, in his social media post, expressed concern over the rapidly increasing Covid-19 cases in the state and suggested imposing a complete lowdown to check its further spread.

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Vikramaditya Singh stated that the situation was getting serious and worrisome with each passing day and it’s time to take strict steps, he further added.

Raising concern over the low testing and free entry from the neighbouring states, Singh said that checking and testing on the border of the state was just a formality and before circumstances go out of control it would be wise to take strong and strict action.

“There will be a huge loss for the economy but it’ll save many lives,” Vikramaditya Singh further commented.

Covid-19 is spreading at alarming rate in the state and mortality rate has also increased manyfold. The state has 13,411 active cases as on date as state is adding almost 1500 new patients every day.