Shimla – In a surprising development prompted by internal pressures, the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh has appointed Rampur MLA as the Chairman of the 7th Finance Commission. This unexpected move comes amidst heightened tensions and rivalries within the state congress.

Nandlal has been given a rank equivalent to that of a cabinet minister. The notification formalizing this appointment has already been issued, indicating a swift and calculated manoeuvre by the authorities.

Nandlal’s appointment as the head of the 7th Finance Commission aligns with the provisions of the Himachal Pradesh Panchayati Raj Act 1994 and the Himachal Pradesh Municipal Corporation Act Section 79. The announcement was made through an official notification issued by Principal Secretary Finance, Devesh Kumar.

As the government appears to be embroiled in a strategic game of damage control, the appointment of Nandlal as the chairman of the 7th Finance Commission has left political analysts speculating about the broader implications for the state’s financial landscape. Only time will reveal the true impact of this unexpected twist in the political narrative.