Shimla: Over 15 percent of faculty members in private universities were found ineligible in an initial investigation of Himachal Pradesh Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Commission.

Regulatory Commission, which is a govt body to ensure quality education in the state, had constituted a three members committee of Dr Mahesh Chandan, Associate professor (Retd), Dr Joginder Singh Saklani, ICDEOL, HP University and Dr BR Thakur, Dept of Geography, HP University, to evaluate and analyses the faculties of the private universities.

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The Commissions had sought details of faculty members of private universities in a prescribe format.

In its meeting here on Monday, Committee found that the private universities have appointed ineligible teaching staff.

Maj-General (retd) Atul Kaushik, Chairman Regulatory Commission, confirmed that over 15 percent of faculty members were found ineligible in preliminary investigation and it can likely be on the higher side.  

Chairman stated that the most of the Universities had provided sketchy information about its faculty members and commission has sought clarity from the universities.

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Maj-General (retd) Atul Kaushik led commission has earlier investigated the qualification of Vice-Chancellors and Principals of private Universities and Colleges’. The Commission found 8 ineligible Vice-Chancellor in universities and 45 unqualified Principals in private colleges in the state.

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Himachal Pradesh has 17 private universities and 65 private colleges.