Solan: ‘Trysts with Karma’ – an autobiography of Shoolini University founder and Chancellor Prof P.K. Khosla – was released by Ambassador Vishnu Prakash, former Indian envoy to Canada and South Korea, virtually on Friday.

The autobiography begins with Prof Khosla memories of the partition and closes with the life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Releasing the book, Ambassador Vishnu Prakash said it contains life time experiences and provides insights into the thought process of Prof Khosla. He said the Prof Khosla has even pen down his experiences of extremely adverse circumstances. The autobiography provides a gripping account and must be read by all, he further added.

Speaking at the function, Prof Khosla said the “script of our life is drafted in heaven and is based on our Karma”. He said “we come here to play the designated role scripted on the basis of past Karma. Nothing happens merely as a coincidence and whatever happens is the sum of our actions in pre and post-natal lives”.

He said his life has been influenced by Paramahansa Yogananda and his teachings had prompted him to follow the science of Kriya yoga. He said Kriya yoga is a psycho-physiological method by which human blood is decarbonized and recharged with oxygen. He said

“This technique is energizing me even at the age nearing 82 and keeping me actively calm and calmly active. So I decided to dedicate this book to the science of Kriya Yoga”.

Former IAS officer Vivek Atray introduced Ambassador Vishnu Prakash and also related anecdotes from his interactions with Prof Khosla. He said the autobiography would be read with keen interest by all those who have come in contact with Prof Khosla and should be read by others to learn from his experiences.