Although this truck converted into a makeshift snow cutter might seem ultra-cool, it is a contraption that leaves a lot more questions to be asked. The H.P.P.W.D. dumper truck parked in Shimla is prepping for the upcoming spell of snow, with some ingenious mind behind the idea of fixing the front with the loader. While to the unassuming mind it might seem like a DIY worth a million applause – in reality (considering how physics and automotive components work) it is a disaster waiting to happen.

First of all, the truck is in no way going to achieve the required traction to remove the snow from the asphalt. Even if it does manage to do so, the torque is not optimized to transfer the force to the loader to do the task for an extended period of time. This puts the truck driver (co-passenger) and bystanders at grave risk, since tricky conditions will make this vehicle like a bar of soap in wet hands. 

Secondly, Shimla M.C. is getting funds in plenty under the smart city project, and moreover they’ve purchased 2 sweeping machines under this very scheme. The question here is, can’t Shimla M.C purchase a snow cutter machine to be better prepared for any inclement weather conditions? Rather than doing these stupid and unreasonable DIY’s, M.. should invest in quality snow cutting machines to keep everyone safe. It remains to be seen how this dumper truck will fair in case of a snowfall, and we hope there is no adversity happening due to it.        

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Rahul Bhandari is Editor of TheNewsHimachal and has been part of the digital world for last 15 years.