In a proactive move set to redefine the city’s urban landscape, the Shimla Municipal Corporation (MC) is gearing up to address the longstanding issue of encroachments and illegal structures. The decision comes on the heels of heightened concerns expressed by councillors during a recent Shimla MC House meeting, where the unchecked proliferation of unlicensed vendors took center stage.

Residents have been grappling with the brazen encroachment onto vital public spaces such as footpaths, pedestrian pathways, roadsides, steps, and even drainage areas. This contentious issue has not only disrupted pedestrian and commuter traffic but has also fueled confrontations between vendors and residents attempting to navigate these spaces.

Commissioner Bhupender Attri informed the formation of a dedicated town vending committee. This committee, to be established soon, will spearhead the removal of encroachments by unlicensed vendors. Commissioner Attri emphasized that this drive will extend to dismantling illegal makeshift structures, marking a significant step towards reclaiming order in the city.

A unique aspect of the upcoming strategy is the planned crackdown on illegal constructions that brazenly flout building bylaws. Commissioner Attri affirmed that notices have already been dispatched, signalling the imminent launch of a demolition drive targeting structures erected without proper authorization.

Anticipating the transformative impact of this initiative, residents are optimistic about the imminent positive changes in Shimla’s urban fabric. The strategy not only promises to alleviate the encroachment issue but also envisions repurposing vacant land for development projects, contributing to the city’s progress and generating revenue for the Municipal Corporation.