Shimla: Following a successful dry run of COVID-19 vaccine on 2nd January, now the Union Government is preparing for mass level vaccination.

However, with little uncertainty and misinformation, questions are being raised about the vaccination, how it’ll be conducted and where and how to get registration?   

In the first phase of vaccination, the Union Govt will vaccinate 30 crore people belonging to priority groups in the first phase of its vaccination drive.

The Union Health Ministry has clarified that “based on the potential availability of vaccines the Government of India has selected the priority groups who will be vaccinated on priority as they are at higher risk.

The first group includes healthcare workers because they are at high risk of contracting the infection and protecting them helps to sustain essential health services. The next group to receive COVID 19 vaccine will be persons over 50 years of age and persons under 50 years with comorbid conditions because there is high mortality in this category.

More than 50 years of age group is divided into two sub groups. One sub group is 60 years and above, they will be vaccinated first. Second subgroup is between 50 to 60 years age group, they will be vaccinated after the first sub group is covered.”

How to register for the vaccine?

The Centre has launched a new mobile app called ‘CoWIN App’ which will let you register for Covid vaccination.

The App isn’t available for download right now and it’ll be soon available in the App store for download.

There will be five modules in the app: Administrator module, registration module, vaccination module, beneficiary acknowledgment module, and report module.

It one wants to register for the vaccination, he/she will need to go into the registration module to get registered for vaccination. It will upload bulk data on co-morbidity provided by local authorities or by surveyors.

Frequently Asked Question about COVID Vaccination

Reports of rumours about the registration of vaccination were also reported and Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has appealed to people not to be misguided by “rumours” regarding the safety and efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine, and said the most prioritised beneficiaries would be vaccinated for free.