Shimla: Covid-19 lockdown has brought about some accidental gain, as the road accidents, fatalities and injuries have witnessed a dip this year.

While the percentage of reduction in road accidents was 23 percent, the fatalities percentage reduction was 22 percent, as compared to the corresponding period in 2019.

The injured percentage also fell by 37 percent.

According to the data of the Himachal Police department this year upto  30 November, there were 2014 Road Traffic Accidents (RTA), as compared to the subsequent period in 2019 when 2629 road accidents were reported.

The total deaths were 1020 and 788 in the year 2019 and 2020 respectively. Whereas the number of the people injured this year was 2855 and it was 4541 during the equivalent period last year.

As per the Ministry of Road and transport and Highways (MORTH), Government of India, road accidents continue to be leading cause of death, disabilities and hospitalization in the country.

The report revealed that despite lower population Himachal ranked 22nd in terms of number of road accidents and 20th in terms of number of road accidents deaths among the states in the country in the last few years.    

The Himachal Police has been making constant endeavour to reduce the incidence of road accidents in the state.

Urging the people to strictly adhere to the guidelines, the Himachal police called the people to exercise more caution of vehicular traffic during morning and evening walks as the date shows that dawn and twilight have higher incidence of accidents involving pedestrians.

The department has stressed on the need to avoid black-ice (frozen frost that appears on cold mornings and is invisible) and avoiding venturing out in thick fog unless there is some urgent work.

Avoid over-speeding and rash and negligent driving, stay away from drinking and driving, appealed the police.