Shimla – In a concerted effort to bolster road safety and reduce accidents, the Himachal Pradesh Police has issued a staggering seven lakh challans over the past ten months, amassing an impressive Rs 27.40 crore in fines for traffic rule violations. The state’s traffic enforcement strategy employs cutting-edge technology, including the Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS), Breath Analyser, Laser Speed Gun, and FourG Body Worn Camera.

Sandeep Dhawal, Assistant Inspector General of Police, Traffic, Tourist, and Railways in Himachal Pradesh, provided insights into the comprehensive approach adopted by the police force. Regular reviews at the Police Headquarters ensure a meticulous examination of the performance concerning traffic challans, compounds, and fines, aiming to exercise control over traffic violations that contribute to road accidents.

The Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety actively oversees the state police’s progress in implementing traffic enforcement measures. Dhawal disclosed that from January 1 to October 31, 2023, a total of 6,99,618 challans were issued, with 1,68,106 being compounded during the same period. This resulted in a about Rs 27.40 Crore being deposited into the government account.

Comparatively, in the corresponding period of 2022, 7,47,951 challans were issued, with 2,30,142 being compounded, leading to a deposit of Rs 29.69 crore in the government account. The decline in the number of challans issued this year might indicate increased compliance with traffic rules or improved awareness among motorists.

To further enhance enforcement, the police are focusing on backward districts, issuing instructions to bolster compliance with the Motor Vehicles Act and encouraging the use of technology in traffic enforcement. Additionally, every violator receives a message with an online payment link on their registered mobile number, offering convenient payment options such as net banking, UPI, credit or debit card, and RTGS.

The technology-driven approach of the Himachal Pradesh Police, especially the Intelligent Traffic Management System, is proving effective in tightening the noose on drivers who flout traffic rules. The state continues to evolve its strategies, leveraging innovation to make its roads safer and more secure for all citizens.