In a surprising move, the Himachal Pradesh government has removed the Director General of Police (DGP), Sanjay Kundu, from his post following a controversy involving businessman Nishant Sharma. The decision complies with the orders of the Himachal Pradesh High Court, which expressed concerns about potential interference by the DGP in the investigation.

Sanjay Kundu, who was appointed as DGP in 2020 by the then Jairam government, has been accused of threatening a businessman with ties to Himachal Pradesh. The High Court’s directive emphasized that the continued presence of Kundu as DGP could compromise the impartiality of the ongoing investigation into the alleged threat to the businessman’s life.

While the government has removed Sanjay Kundu from the post of DGP, it has simultaneously promoted him to Principal Secretary in the AYUSH Department. This move has raised eyebrows as the Principal Secretary role holds a higher position than the DGP. Chief Minister Sukhu, addressing the media during the Winter Carnival inauguration in Manali, stated that the promotion was a routine administrative decision and clarified that the investigation pertains to a single case.

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The controversy surrounding Sanjay Kundu has been a focal point since the High Court’s order, which stated that the DGP’s presence could potentially influence the investigation. The government’s prompt action in transferring Kundu aligns with the court’s directive to remove him immediately.

Sanjay Kundu, who had a few months left before his scheduled retirement in April, served as the state’s top police official for approximately four years. His removal from the DGP post has sparked discussions about the implications of the decision and the government’s handling of the situation. The controversy is expected to have ripple effects on the law enforcement landscape in Himachal Pradesh, especially with the appointment of a new DGP likely on the horizon.