7245 vehicles entered Shimla on Sunday

Shimla: With the easing of curfew norms in the ‘Queen of Hills’, and New Year festivity round the corner, the tourist are thronging Shimla in large numbers.

The pandemic has undettered the tourist from visiting the hill station despite some restrictions and the Covid-19 protocol continues to be followed.

Amidst the Covid crisis the Shimla police have literally been pushed beyond limits to regulate the traffic for smooth movement of vehicular traffic.

According to Shimla police on Sunday between 8.00 am to 10.00 pm 7245 vehicles entered Shimla from Solan while 5060 moved out of Shimla to Solan.

On Saturday 5422 vehicles entered Shimla from Solan and 4141 vehicles made an exit from Shimla to Solan between 8.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Shimla Additional Superintendent of Police Praveer Thakur informed that the formation the smooth flow of traffic and traffic management, Shimla City is divided into 8 sectors.

“All sectors are supervised by GOs (supervisory officers). Also there are duty magistrate in each sector,. Drone is being used for traffic surveillance,” he said.

Besides, 200 traffic constables 5 reserve Batallion have been deployed, he said, adding that also the staff of all Police Stations of Shimla City is being used.

“QRT ( Quick Reaction Team)and SAG ( Special Action Group) is also deployed. PCR vans, Interceptors, motor cycle riders are also used,” said Thakur.

Shimla Police today morning issued an advisory on social media about the huge influx of tourist visiting Shimla, which is likely to affect the movement of vehicular traffic and those going to office should move ahead of time to avoid any delay.

Police drone keeping eye on Shimla city