Baddi – The Drug License Authority has taken decisive action against Smilax Pharma Company and cancelled its narcotic drug license. This decision follows the company’s failure to respond to an official notice issued last week.

The Smilax Pharma Company, a major pharmaceutical manufacturer in Baddi, came under scrutiny after a raid conducted by the Narcotic Cell and the Special Task Force (STF) of Punjab in Mohali revealed banned substances on its premises. Among the seized items were Tramadol and codeine-based cough syrups, both controlled substances with a high potential for abuse.

Codeine, commonly found in prescription cough syrups, is notorious for its misuse as an intoxicant. Due to its potential for abuse, strict regulatory measures are in place, requiring manufacturers to maintain detailed records of production and distribution. The investigation by the State Drug Controller’s Office uncovered that while Smilax Pharma possessed the necessary manufacturing license, it failed to comply with mandatory reporting requirements. The company neglected to inform the relevant authorities, including the Superintendent of Police and the Drug Controller of the state, before distributing these narcotics.

In response to these violations, the State Drug Controller’s Office issued a notice demanding an explanation within three days. The absence of a timely response from Smilax Pharma prompted the Drug License Authority to revoke their license for manufacturing narcotic drugs.

Additionally, Biogenetic Company, another unit associated with Smilax Pharma, has also been issued a notice. Should Biogenetic Company fail to respond appropriately within the given timeframe, it faces a similar fate with the potential cancellation of its license as well.

This crackdown underscores the stringent enforcement of drug regulations in the region, highlighting the authorities’ commitment to curbing the illegal distribution and misuse of narcotic substances. The cancellation of Smilax Pharma’s license serves as a stern warning to other pharmaceutical entities to adhere to regulatory protocols rigorously.

As the investigation continues, further actions may be taken against individuals and entities involved in these violations, ensuring compliance and safeguarding public health.