Shimla: As COVID grips a small locality in the suburbs of Shimla city, Engine Ghar ward (18) of Municipal Corporation Shimla, it has been declared a containment zone.

It is learnt that the ward witnessed as many as 45 positive cases of Covid. Shimla Sub Divisional Magistrate Manjeet Sharma on Saturday confirmed the declaration of declaring the Engine ward Sanjauli a containment zone due to high number of Covid cases.

Shimla Deputy Commissioner Aditiya Negi visited the Sanjauli and Engine Ghar Ward to inspect and ensure compliance of Covid protocol.

Inspecting 20 shops selling fruits and vegetables, he initiated against 8 shops for overcharging, non-display of rates of items and other irregularities.

As many as 50 kg of fruits and 70 kgs of vegetables were confiscated.