Govt plan to expand NCC on 173 border and coastal districts

New Delhi: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has approved a proposal of the National Cadet Corps for a major expansion scheme to meet the aspirations of youth in all the border and coastal districts.

The proposals of the scheme were announced by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day address on 15 Aug.

A total of 1,00,000 cadets from 173 border and coastal districts will be inducted in the NCC. One-third of the Cadets would be girl Cadets. More than 1000 schools and colleges have been identified in border and coastal districts where NCC will be introduced.

As part of the expansion plan, a total of 83 NCC units will be upgraded (Army 53, Navy 20, Air Force 10), to impart NCC training to the cadets in the border and coastal areas.

Army will provide training and administrative support to the NCC units located in the border areas, Navy shall provide support to NCC units in the coastal areas and similarly Air Force will provide support to the NCC units located close to the Air Force stations.

The NCC expansion plan will be implemented in partnership with the States.