A video is going viral on social media in which a man gets so engrossed in his mobile phone that he does not know where his next step is going to fall. The man falls on the railway tracks while walking on a platform at a metro station in East Delhi. Luckily some security personnel from the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) caught sight of him and he was saved before the arrival of a train.

Smartphones have become so important in our lives that most of the time we all kept scrolling on the screen. And a smartphone is such a thing about which it is said that “it knows everything about you”. Not only that, your phone knows you more than you. The same applies to computers as well. Both the devices are based on the Internet and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has arrived to manage the Internet. Google is at the forefront in using AI. As per the accounting firm PwC, the artificial intelligence industry will be worth over Rs 117 lakh crore by the year 2030. Artificial intelligence has already entered people’s lives through digital assistants and face recognition technology etc.

Dr Amit Nagpal, Founder and National President of Bloggers Alliance, an association of bloggers, storytellers and creators, says that in the coming times, “Artificial Intelligence will handle the routine tasks of work and everyday life, while humans will engage their brain in creative tasks. That is, machines and gadgets will do routine work and humans will do creative work.”

World-renowned Artificial intelligence expert Stuart Russell says that if machines become super intelligent then the very existence of humans will be in danger. Intelligence is power. Power means to control, and that will be the end of the story of humans on Earth. Through artificial intelligence technology, you can track people, recognize their faces. Its abuse has already started, for example, your computer knows all about you, and your mobile phone listens to all your conversations. It is the responsibility of man now to stop these machines from making terrible mistakes, or else everything will perish. It’s a warning.

In general terms, artificial intelligence refers to computation tools that resemble human intelligence to perform certain tasks in exactly the same manner. This technology is currently progressing at a very fast pace. Indeed, computer databases have evolved into the core infrastructure that drives software. It is anticipated that most of the new features that will be included in the software in the coming years will be powered by AI. Then there is Big Data by which YouTube receives over 400 hours of video content every single minute. Computers have been trained in such a way that it can identify a person’s personality better than his friends. To do this, it is seen what type of posts a person likes on social media.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data have a special relationship. Machine learning has contributed a lot to the development of AI. This technique trains AI using large data sets. AI chatbots can be trained on data sets that include understanding human interactions.