Solan: Himachal Pradesh based Shoolini University has claimed that a team of scientists of the University has been offered a grant through Microsoft Artificial Intelligence for Health Programme to conduct research on finding drugs to cure and prevent CoVID-19.

The project has been funded through High Performance Computing (HPC) Consortium and the team led by Dr Gurjot Kaur, Associate Professor, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, will have access to Microsoft Azure credits for the next six months to perform work using Microsoft licensed resources, that is, online platform and virtual machines.

The team will perform much-needed screening of phytochemical constituents for anti-viral activity through interaction with CoVID-19 specific targets using molecular modeling studies. Indian medicinal herbs have same or similar phytoconstituents and do show great promise as anti-CoVID19 drugs.

The project will directly influence the anti-viral drug development for CoVID19 and thus has high impact.