Solan: Shoolini University has successfully patented the design of ‘Solar Water Heater’ and ‘Solar-Nanomaterial Energy Storage’. The Indian Patent Office (IPO), the patent granting authority in India, has granted patent for the Solan based private university in design patents category.

Vice Chancellor Prof PK Khosla revealed that the university has got 25 patent this year.  He said the faculty members and students of Shoolini University have filed a total of 415 patents since its inception. These have been filed in different categories like design, drugs, and products. Filing of about 20-25 more patents was also in the pipeline in the near future, Prof Khosla further added.

Earlier, last year, the Shoolini University had filled 180 patents, which was among the top three institutions in the country.

Prof Khosla said the University would now focus on grant of patents. He pointed out that there were three stages to get a patent granted. The first stage was filing a patent or registration for patent. After a cooling-off period of 18 months, the second stage began in the form of Publication of Patent in the research journals to check whether the patent claim was true or false. After publication, the third stage began, which was, ‘Request for Examination’, before the patent was finally granted.

The entire procedure took about three years from the date of filing. Out of the total patents filed till now, 175 have been ‘published’ while 11 were in the ‘Request for Examination’ stage.

Shoolini University has achieved another milestone as its H-Index, based on the quality of research, has moved up to 60. It is not only the highest among the universities in the state but also the best in the region.

H-Index reflects the output based on the number of research publications and the total number of citations of those works. There are certain quantifiable parameters to define the quality of research and H-Index is one of them.

An H-index 60 indicates that 60 research papers of the university scholars have been cited 60 times or more. The quality of every research paper is counted upon two factors: the first one being the impact related to the journal in which the paper is published and the second being the relevancy of the paper for the scientific society. These research papers are very relevant for scientific as well as general society.