Solan – In a remarkable display of commitment to cutting-edge research and innovation, Shoolini University announces the milestone achievement of 100 patents granted by the Indian Patent Office.

Established just 14 years ago, Shoolini University has rapidly climbed the ranks of intellectual achievement, securing a century of patents in a relatively short span. The university’s research prowess spans diverse fields, including Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Pharmacy, and Physics.

Leading the charge in the groundbreaking achievement, the Chemistry and Physics departments stand out with an impressive 23 and 29 granted patents, respectively. The Engineering and Pharmacy departments have also contributed significantly, securing 15 and 12 patents, respectively, highlighting the institution’s commitment to technological advancements.

Shoolini University adopts an interdisciplinary research approach, evident in the substantial contributions from the Biotechnology, Bioengineering, and Biology departments with 9, 8, and 4 patents, respectively. This collaborative effort further exemplifies the institution’s holistic approach to addressing complex challenges through research and innovation.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla emphasized the university’s unwavering commitment to promoting research and innovation, ensuring that Shoolini continues to be a hub of intellectual excellence.

The Intellectual Property Rights Office (SIPRO) at Shoolini University, established in 2015, played a pivotal role in achieving this significant feat. The office intensified its efforts in recent years, meticulously following up on patents filed by the university’s researchers. This strategic approach reflects Shoolini’s proactive stance in safeguarding and promoting the intellectual contributions of its academic community.