Solan: Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry Dr Kiran Bedi has advised students to value time and not waste it.

Speaking during a webinar organised by Solan based Shoolini University, Dr Bedi advised students to run the extra mile and prepare themselves for an enriched and fulfilling life. She also advised students to follow the path of right thinking and right lifestyle.

Dr Bedi asked students to utilise the time available during the lockdown effectively. She emphasized to give priority to mental, physical and spiritual health, adding that education that did not enhance spiritual capacity or awareness towards the system was not complete. She categorically stated that the education isn’t mere passing exams, but it should lead students to become better human being.  She stressed

“Education is knowledge, it is all about your skill set, it is how you become a better human being, how you become self-reliant and possess a value system. It’s not just about passing examinations,”

Responding to a question about gender bias, Dr Bedi acknowledged of facing it too, but always stood up for her rights, was vocal about it and questioned every injustice.

Dr Kiran Bedi was also a winner of the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award and also hold distinction of first female IPS officer.