Maharashtra crosses 5,000 positive cases

Shimla: Coronavirus pandemic is spreading fast and state of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and national Capital are worse hit from the virus. Maharashtra has reported 5,218 positive cases and 251 people have succumbed to the virus. Gujarat has tested 2272 positive virus cases, while state capital Delhi has reported 2156 virus cases so far.    

Himachal Pradesh has so far succeeded in controlling the spread of virus in the state. At present 6 districts of the state are virus free as not even a single case of virus positive tested so far, while in six other districts, Una have reported 16 positive cases, Solan 9, Chamba 6, Kangra 5, Hamirpur 2 and Sirmour district have found 1 positive virus case so far.

As per stats 7 states and national capital have reported over 1000 cases, while 9 states and Union Territories have found positive cases between 100 and 999. 10 states and Union Territories have reported cases less than 100, while 5 states and UT Puducherry have reported less than 10 positive cases so far. State of Sikkim has so far haven’t reported any Coronavirus case, while Northeastern Manipur state is also declared coronavirus free state as its 2 cases have fully recovered. At present 32 state and Union Territories have active virus cases.  

Coronavirus Helpline

Worldwide, total coronavirus cases have recorded about 26 lakhs positive cases and 1.80 lakhs have died from the virus. United States have reported over 8 lakhs positive cases and death toll have crossed 45000 mark, which is highest among any nation. European nations are also worse hit from the pandemic as about 11.50 lakhs positive cases have been reported, while death toll has crossed 1.10 lakhs. In Europe Italy, Spain, France and UK are worse affected.

North America have second highest Coronavirus cases as so far about 9 lakhs people have affected form the virus. Alone US has 8 lakhs positive cases. In Asia over 4 lakhs people have affected from the virus and death toll have crosses 15000 mark. South America has reported about 91000 positive cases and about 4500 people have died from the Coronavirus.

African nations have so far found comparatively less virus cases as officially little over 25000 positive cases have tested in the continent. Oceania has also succeeded in containing the virus as about 8000 positive cases were reported so far. Out of these over 6500 cases were reported alone in Australia. New Zealand have reported less than 1500 positive cases. Fatalities from the coronavirus is also less in Oceania as so far only 88 people have lost to the virus.