Shimla: Coronavirus has killed 100 people in India. So far over 3700 people of 30 states and Union Territories have been affected from Coronavirus. Cases of virus spread in Arunachala Pradesh and Mizoram have also reported.

32 people in Maharashtra has died due to the virus, while 635 people have been affected from it. 11 each in Gujarat, MP and Telengana have succumbed to the bug, while West Bengal and Delhi have lost 6 lives each due to the Coronavirus.

In Himachal 2 people have died from it and so far, 14 people have caught the bug.

Maharashtra has highest number of 635 patients of Coronavirus, while Tamil Nadu (485), Delhi (445), Karela (306), Telengana (272), Uttar Pradesh (234), AP (226) and Rajasthan has tested 201 positive coronavirus cases so far. MP, Karnataka and Gujarat have tested 179, 144 and 122 positive cases.   

Neighboring states of Himachal Pradesh viz. Haryana, Punjab and Uttrakhand have reported 84, 65 and 22 cases, while Union territories Jammu and Kashmir has 92 cases, Chandigarh 18 and Ladakh has 14 coronavirus cases so far.

Following the Tablighi Jamaat spread, 6 cases related to the Jamaat has surfaced in Himachal Pradesh and tally is likely to go up as they were hiding and now threat of spreading the virus into others as well. So far 257 members of Tablighi Jamaat have been quarantined and 41 of them have been booked for concealing their travel history.