Shimla: Himachal Pradesh has witnessed an unprecedented increase in Covid cases in the last 10 days. As per the government record, the state has reported five times increase in Covid cases since January 8.

Since, 8th January, the state has consistent rise in the number of active cases and presently it recorded 14,918 patients of the virus across the state.

“The active case trend of Himachal Pradesh shows that the number of active cases has increased from 2,793 on 8th January to 14,918 as on 19th January,” the state health department revealed in an official statement.

This hike is almost five times in a span of just 10 days.

The numbers of admissions of COVID positive patients have also increased in the hospitals, the health department said and further informed that the bed occupancy has also increased by nearly five times in a time period of 10 days. Health department informed

“On 8 January total of 51 beds were occupied by COVID positive patients, of which 31 patients required oxygen and only 3 patients needed ventilators, while presently 249 COVID patients were admitted in the COVID dedicated institutions and 132 patients are on oxygen, while 2 patients are on the ventilator.”

Alienating the fear of severe impacts such as the high rate of hospitalization and high mortality rate of Covid from the ongoing wave, the health department spokesperson has confirmed that most Covid patients are stable and maintaining well on or off oxygen. Of the total admission of COVID positive patients, only 0.9 percent of patients required ICU/ventilators.

The health department has appealed to the public not to panic and follow COVID appropriate behaviours.