Shimla Police has booked a shopkeeper in Shimla for selling pirated shoes under the name of NIKE, a renowned international shoe brand. Police, on Sunday, received complaint from Shami Chauhan, authorized dealer of the United Oversees Trade Mark Coy, Delhi regarding the infringement of copyright. The complainant had alleged that one shopkeeper, Kuldeep, was selling duplicate NIKE shoes in his Shop No. 64 in Lower Bazaar, Shimla.

After receiving the complaint, a team of police headed by SI Radhay Shyam raided the said shop in the presence of complainant. During the search police reportedly recovered 30 pair of duplicate shoes.

Police has registered a copy right case against the alleged shopkeeper under Section 63 of the Indian Copy Right Act, 1957, and further investigation will be carried out to establish the guilt of the alleged shopkeeper.  The shopkeeper, if proved guilty in court, can face both imprisonment and fine.

duplicate nike shoe in shimla
Photo: Representational: Kicks On Fire