Nature has blessed Himachal Pradesh with abundant natural resources. The five major rivers flowing through the State has hydro-power potential of about 25,000 MW. This potential makes Himachal Pradesh a power surplus State of the country. Out of this potential, about 10,000 capacity has already been harnessed and additional 8,000 MW capacities are at various stages of completion.

Realising the importance of having a multi-pronged strategy for harnessing energy from different energy sources, the State Government has designated HIMURJA as a Government Energy Development Agency for implementing renewable energy programme and acting as a catalyst for Himachal government’s Solar Power Policy.

HIMURJA has made efforts to implement small hydro programme upto 5 MW along with providing decentralized renewable energy technologies like Solar Thermal, Solar Photovoltaic Technologies which are environmental friendly for exploiting the available power potential. Solar Energy Programme has laid emphasis on Solar Photovoltaic as well as Solar Thermal devices as 260 to 300 days of useful sun-shines per year in Himachal. Realising the potential and need for cleaner energy for house-holds and replacing traditional dependence on wood based heating systems HIMURJA has distributed 37, 339 box-type solar cookers, 755 dish-type pressure cookers in various areas of the state and installed 19,26,470 Litres Per Day (LPD) capacity Solar water heating systems on subsidized rates.

Under Solar Thermal Programme HIMURJA has set-up 738 meter square Solar steam generating cooking system under concentrated technology. Out of these 96 meter square have been installed at NIT Hamirpur, 360 meter square at Kalgidhar Trust Baru Sahib, 186 meter Square at Abott Healthcare Centre Baddi and 96 meter square at Shoolini University at Solan.

Under Solar Photovoltaic Programme HIMURJA has provided 77,533 SPV street lights, 23, 966 SPV domestic lights and 39, 246 SPV lanterns to the people in different parts of the State. Power plants of 1,677.50 KWP capacity have been commissioned at various locations which include Reckong Peo, Kaza, Raurik, Sumdo, Morni Dogri.

HIMURJA till date has commissioned 10 projects (Small Hydro Power projects) at Juthed, Kothi, Lingti, Sural, Purthi, Gharola, Sach, Biling, Baea Bhangal and Sarahan with capacity of 2.37 MW. HIMURJA is the main implementing ally of MNRE’s Special Area Demonstration Project Scheme (SADP) under which State Level Energy Parks have been set-up at Dr. Y. S. Parmar University of Horticulture & Forestry, Nauni, Solan and National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur apart from this for demonstration of Renewable Energy systems Solar water heating systems, SPV street lights, Solar power plants have been installed at prominent places like H.P Secretariat, Vidhan Sabha, Raj Bhawan (Shimla) to name a few.

HIMURJA has also bagged laurels for securing highest position in non-solar Renewable Purchase Obligations for the year 2014-15. Agency has also secured Second highest position in both categories of grid connected small hydro projects capacity additions for 2014-15 and cumulative achievement in grid connected small hydro capacity additions in the country.