State BJP President Satpal Singh Satti statement, in which he had claimed that Virbhadra Singh had failed to carry out the development of the State during his terms as Chief Minister, seems not going well with the Congress leaders as they have chided BJP leader and asked him to erudite himself with the great contribution of Virbhadra Singh to the state.

Vice Chairman, State Industrial Development Corporation Atul Sharma, Vice Chairman H.P. Forest Development Corporation Kewal Singh Pathania and Chairman H.P. Buildings and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board, Bawa Hardeep Singh, in their joint statement ridiculed the statement of State BJP President Satpal Singh Satti and claimed it far from facts.

They said that it seemed that BJP state president was not aware of the unprecedented development of the State. They said that Satti should well understand the progress the State had made since its formation. It has been 67 years since the State made significant development in all spheres and today has become the Role Model of development, the credit for which goes to Virbhadra Singh who had become Chief Minister of the State for the record sixth time and had ensured balanced and uniform development of every corner of the State.

They said that Satti should remember that it was Congress leadership which made concerted efforts for formation of Himachal Pradesh while the then Jan Sangh had strongly opposed this move then. Now the people with same ideology were trying to divert the attention of the people in the name of development. They said the fact was that whenever BJP came into power it tried to divide the State whereas the Congress had always believed in development.

They said it was Virbhadra Singh who was real architect of modern Himachal and it was due to his consistent efforts and vision that today Himachal Pradesh was considered amongst the most developed States. They questioned Satti to come out with details that what was the contribution of BJP in development of the State and go thorough the history of Himachal Pradesh and make himself aware of the progress it made since it came into being.