Shimla MC has asked for the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India intervention for the continuation of JNNURM to sanction new projects and capacity building activities till March 31st, 2014.

In a meeting with Nisha Singh, Joint secretary, Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, MC Shimla submitted a memorandum and asked for immediate and strategic intervention for providing services to the urban population that are commensurate to the growing needs. It also asked for intervention for the maintenance of its glorious history and past so that it can match international standards of tourist destination.

MC Shimla, in its memorandum, showed its inability to carry out essential services to the people of the town and an equal number of tourists that throng the city. They said that MC has limited source of income and its expenditures are much more then it. MC Shimla has asked for the help from Ministry of Urban Development to meet up to the growing demands in providing water and sanitation, basic services for urban poor, maintenance of roads etc.

Demands in memorandum

1. Rehabilitation of water supply distribution system for Shimla City and Rejuvenation of sewerage network in missing lines and left out areas/worn out sewerage in various zones of Shimla- The rehabilitation of water supply and Rejuvenation of sewerage networks is an old project being sanctioned by GOI since 2009. However because of the unique project structuring and Government approval it could not take off as it was for the first time that water supply and sewerage project was taken as an integrated project. The MoUD is also very keen on getting the project implemented. You are requested to allow MC Shimla to submit DPRs on the current 2013 rates with an implementation period of 3 years. The amount sanctioned may be adjusted in the new grants.

2. Storm Water Drains- The storm water drains DPRS is under process from Shimla MC. You are requested to have a positive mark on it once it reaches your office.

3. Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CMP)-, To meet the growing traffic congestion in the city which requires immediate redressal, the city mobility plan has devised ways to address the critical areas. The CMP is in final stage of approval through Committee of Secretaries (COS), H.P. Govt. and will be shortly submitted to GoI. You are requested to keep it in the priority list and allocate funds so that proper DPRs can be submitted and the traffic congestion can be eased out. The foremost priority is that of digging tunnels across the city. The four major tunnels are Dhalli tunnel with an approximate cost of Rs 34.69 crores, Lift to Rivoli (DPR under preparation), St Bedes Petrol Pump to IGMC (DPR under preparation) and Lift to petrol pump Chhota Shimla (DPR under preparation).

4. Ashiana-I (252 units) and Ashiana-II (384 units) a Housing Scheme for urban poor of Shimla town (under BSUP): The MC. Shimla also got approved two DPRs under BSUP. Due to the tough hilly terrain and delay in execution of projects the project cost has increased against the sanctioned cost. The tenders were invited but could not be awarded as rates quoted are much higher than the funds available. Hence GoI may be requested to either to reduce the no. of units to be constructed against the grants sanctioned or allow submitting frest DPRs on 2013 rates for Ashiana-I and Ashiana-II.

5. City Sanitation Plan- The City Sanitation Plan has been approved by GoI and a DPR for construction of community and public toilet is under preparation which will be shortly submitted to MoUD. You are requested to reserve the funds for the same.