Bahra University

State Election Commission has appointed Observers to the elections Municipal Corporation Shimla for conduct of smooth and fair election. Bharat H. Khera, MD, SIDC had been allotted all the wards of Municipal Corporation for the office of Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Lokinder Chauhan, MD, HPTDC had been appointed as Observer for Bharati, Ruldu, Bhatta, Kaithu, Annadale and Jhaku wards, D.D. Sharma, Secretary, State Information Commission for Summer Hill, Totu, Boileaugunj, Tuti Kandi and Nabha wards, Rajeeev Sharma, Director, Elementary Education, for Phagli, Krishna Nagar, Ram Bazar, Lower Bazar and Kangol wards, Madan Chauhan, MD HPMC for Benmore, Engine Ghar, Sanjauli Chowk, Dhalli and Chamyana wards and Rakesh Kanwar, Director, Language, Art and Culture for Malyana, Kasumpati, Chotta Shimla, Pateog and Khalini wards.

All the observers had been directed that during the campaign period, the date of polling and counting, they would take closer look for observing the scrutiny of nomination papers, campaigning, marshalling and movement of poll parties, restriction of stoppage of campaigning 48 hours before the closing hours fixed for closing of the poll, closure of liquor shops etc. The Commission has further authorised observers to enter any of polling and counting centre. Observers would liaison with the District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police, Shimla to assess whether proper law and order arrangement had been made and they would also see that the preparation had been made for the polling and counting, he added.

The Observers appointed by the Commission will send first report after the polling is over and second after the declaration of results alongwith other reports highlighting any specific point needs to be brought to the notice of the Commission.

15 august 2021