Shimla: Communist Party of India (CPM) has announced to contest Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC) elections in all 41 seats. The party will field its candidates in all the wards of the town.

While addressing a press conference in Shimla, former Mayor of Shimla MC and CPM leader Sanjay Chauhan claimed that people were now looking towards the communist party as an alternative. Therefore, the party has decided to contest elections in all the wards.

“Shimla MC voters had always supported CPM and party will definitely win the upcoming elections,” Chauhan said.

The party has also shunned the possibility of an alliance with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the forthcoming elections. AAP has also announced that it will be contesting elections in all the 41 wards of Shimla MC.

Chauhan said that AAP has no existence in Himachal Pradesh, so there is no point of forming an alliance with AAP.

The former Mayor also blamed BJP for failing to fulfil its poll promises. “BJP had promised to provide 24-hour water supply, but let alone 24-hour water supply, people are not even getting water supply after a gap of three days” he added.

He further said that Smart City’s money is being wasted by spending it on unnecessary things, the condition of cleanliness in the town was poor and the traffic plan of the town was only limited to papers.

He said that the ruling Municipal Corporation is trying to fool the people by working for the sake of working and it is clear that it will be booted out of power.