Central University Himachal Pradesh has conferred Dalai Lama with Doctor in Philosophy degree on its first convocation. Speaking on the occasion, the Dalai Lama said the main purpose of education was to reduce ignorance. He said that education could be a biggest toll to bridge this gap between appearances and realty. He added that the main goal of every human being was to achieve a happy life. Tibetan spiritual Guru said that the country has produced the greatest philosophers in the world. However, he also raised apprehension over the modern education system and accused it for ignoring its rich tradition. He advised that the Indian education system should blend its traditional knowledge with modern education to create good and happy humans.

He said corruption was becoming a problem in society as the rich tradition of the country had been ignored in the education system. On the occasion he congratulated the first pass-out batch of the institution. He advised the students that the real test of their life would begin after this and they should be prepared for it.

During the occasion, Furqan Qumar, Vice-Chancellor of the university detailed out the achievements of the University, he said that despite constraints, the faculty of the university had produced 200 research papers in various national and international journals. He said the university had adopted unique model under which students studying here could opt for inter-disciplinary courses.

Arun Maira, Chancellor of Central University, was also present at the occasion and also thanked the Dalai Lama for gracing the first convocation of the University.