Industries Minister Mukesh Agnihotri has criticised Hamirpur MP Anurag Thakur for his remark against UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and advised him to desist from making such derogatory remarks in the future for his own good and will not be tolerated in future.

In a press communiqué, Agnihotri alleged that Anurag Thakur had the habit of making such statements and had crossed all limits of dignified political behaviour, which reflected his political acumen.

Agnihotri said that Anurag had also made some remarks during the elections to belittle the stature of Virbhadra Singh and the people of the state had given a befitting reply by defeating the Bharatiya Janata Party. Agnihotri said Anurag was making such derogatory statements to gain cheap publicity and out of frustration.

Agnihotri said Congress leaders were deeply hurt over the slanderous and malicious remark against the UPA chairperson which exposed Anurag’s extremely regressive mindset.

Whereas Anurag Thakur has refuted the allegation and claimed that he and his team had not made any personal attack on anyone.